Novelty Banknotes

Create your own custom novelty banknotes - A great gift idea!


Download our blank dollars, pounds and euros right now and use basic editing software such as Photoshop to create your very own personalized novelty banknotes with ease! It’s not only a great way to give someone a personal gift that they will enjoy for life but also a lot of fun and you can make your own real money!


Put your face on a banknote and print it out, put someone else’s face on a banknote and make money at market stalls, pubs, clubs or anywhere in public!


If you look on Ebay, you will see many people selling novelty money as single notes or in packages for more that we charge for the whole system. You can start straight away as soon as you make payment, you are sent to the download page where you get access to everything needed. Please note that we do not sell any editing software but you can use almost any photo software to add photographs to our blank notes including Microsoft Publisher or Photoshop.


This is what you get for only €5 (instant download)


• Over 300 Pre designed novelty banknotes ready to print.


• Blank banknotes ready for you to create your own novelty notes.


• A set of money fonts to authenticate your novelty money.


• Our blank notes are Dollars, Euros and British pounds.


For a free sample note to show the quality of our bank notes click here


Our banknotes are one-sided to stay within the law


To download “The Novelty Money System” for only 5 euros, use the “Buy Now” button below. We use the world leading payment processor Paypal to accept secure online payments. You can make payment using any debit or credit card or Paypal account. After payment has been made, you will be re-directed to a download page instantly. Should you have any questions, you can contact us at

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